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Youtube Video: Publicidad Mundial 2010 "Argentinos" de TyC Sports

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Young & Rubicam y TyC Sports presentan Argentinos, un nuevo comercial de cara al Mundial, realizado bajo la dirección general creativa de Martín Mercado y producido por Blue.

Publicidad Mundial 2010 "Argentinos" de TyC Sports (Video - Youtube)

Mejor publicidad Mundial Sudafrica 2010 " Argentinos"
Best Ad World Cup South Africa 2010 "Argentinian"

Anunciante: TyC Sports
Producto: Promo Mundial
Título: Argentinos
Duración: 118
Agencia: Young & Rubicam
Director General Creativo: Martín Mercado

Translation - In English

First Part. Argentinian peoples talk about Europe:

(2 peoples in the street)
-This can no longer be fixed. Listen up. In the US, you put one foot on the street and all of the drivers stop, man. Here, instead...

(taxi driver)
-In Swotzerland, for instance, when you retire, you get paid even if you keep on working.
-Well, Europe is Europe...
-Yeah, Europe is Europe, but we never get one straight!

(peoples bbq)
-In Spain, you get on a bike, you use it, you leave it, and someone elsa takes it and uses it!
-Here it's the same, if you leave it, someone takes it!

(2 in bar)
-In Germany, if you throw just a little piece of paper on the street, people pick it up, give it to you and say: 'Sir, you dropped this'.
-That's a cultural thing...

Second part . . Europe talk about Argentina:

(2 in bar)
-It's unbelievable! They drop millions of pieces of paper when their team comes to the field!
-That's a cultural thing.

-There, it doesn't matter whether they're winning or losing. The gyus are always chanting on the stands!

-With a pair of socks. I'm telling you I have seen them play with a pair of socks. They make a ball out of the pair of socks and play in the streets. Something I had never seen before!!

(2 peoples in table)
-The ankle was the size of your neck. And the guy played all the same!

-If they lose, they won't go to the cinema, they won't go to the theatre, they do nothing.
-The fans?
-The fans or the players.

(french in bar)
-They don't play with the legs, they play with the heart!! If you look closely, there's one of them in every champion team.

The end:

On TyC Sports,
Argentina is more Argentine.
The World Cup is more of a World Cup

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